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Note from the PNML Pres…

Hope you all have Happy Holidays and a great New Year. It is getting time to get to work for our spring Rendezvous. Anyone with ideas for prizes, anything for targets, or on the shooting events be sure to bring them to the meeting. We will be scheduling work parties and will work on any ideas that you have to make the Rendezvous better.

Happy New Year,

Welcome to our new homepage!  We are excited to finally have a place to collaborate, and discuss upcoming events with the Port-Neuf Mountain Men Muzzleloaders.  If you have any questions about this site, feel free to contact us.

Our homepage will provide the following information:

Upcoming Rendezvous
Video & Photo Galleries
Muzzleloader Information
Mountain Men Forums
News Articles
Social Networking Functions

We are excited to expand the Mountan Men community….


Port-Neuf Rendezvous 40th & Newsletter

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2013PNML Newsletter March 2014  Just a heads up! The 40th Port-Neuf Rendezvous will be May 30,31 and 1 June 2014. There will be the traditional Cannon Demo, Blackpowder shot and more! Please view the newsletter for more details!

December Newsletter

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Our regular monthly meeting was held in conjunction with the Annual Christmas Party that was
at the Sizzler this year. We had a good turnout but missed some of our regulars. We hope there
was no illness that besieged them. The gift exchange went well with some wonderful gifts being exchanged. Ken Hendrix showed us some of the pottery that he is doing as ISU. The intricate designs and colors were great.

Shane and Michelle Ward were there and said that they would be working on the dangles and that they should be done in the next month or so. Remember, the March gun show that is usually held at ISU and that we set up for will be held at the new Shoshone Bannock Hotel at Ft. Hall. It will be March 1st
set up information and they do have a small stage that we may be set up on?? Having more space should be a real plus for the gun show.

We still have 2 of the books Larry Fordyce brought Robert Auth. He has pen and ink drawings of
Howard and some of the other rendezvous people in it. As well as articles from all over Idaho.
The name of the book is “FRANCIES CAMERA” If you would like one, we have 2 for sale, and they are $30.00. Call Vickie.

We’ve heard of some designs for the 2014 “40th yet. Please bring them to the next meeting. Also we need a flyer for the 2014 Rendezvous Brent and I will be tied up and I need help getting one done. Help would be appreciated. Not a lot of news with the winter taking over. Everyone is busy working on their prizes and we’re seeing some good one come in. If you have something started and need supplies let us know as the club does have some thing available.

We are going to be checking with the land owners to make sure we can have the cannons for 2014 as they are such a draw. If you know someone that has a mortar or cannon be sure that you get their info to us so we can contact them and try and get more cannons for the Rendezvous.